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Panjango is a virtual world of work
which maps the curriculum to work‑related challenges

It helps young people develop the knowledge, skills and experience needed to thrive in life after school - all while enabling them to discover more about careers in a fun and interactive way.


  • gives learning context and purpose and offers a more engaging way to deliver the core curriculum
  • develops key competencies such as teamworking, communication, problem solving, creativity and confidence
  • encourages risk taking and helps students discover their strengths and weaknesses
  • makes careers education engaging through an interactive exploration of the world of work
  • broadens horizons and raises aspirations and attainment

Sample challenges

In addition to providing Careers Information across all sectors, Panjango is unique in guiding students through work-related challenges helping them develop the knowledge, skills and experience needed to thrive in life after school.

Knowledge Challenges

Knowledge Challenge

Bring learning to life by linking Maths, English and Science curriculum topics directly to the world of work.

Skills Challenges

Skills Challenge

Fun, interactive games and exercises which help young people develop the skills and competencies needed in the modern workplace.

Experience Challenges

Experience Challenge

Put young people into the mind of a professional requiring them to think of solutions to various work-related scenarios or ethical dilemmas.


Panjango is a powerful, immersive experience which helps young people understand why learning is important, and how it is used in practical settings in the world of work.
Richard Gerver Author & Head Teacher of the Year
Panjango is a really dynamic organisation pushing the boundaries of career learning within and beyond the classroom. Panjango is fun and lively, with a strong theoretical base supporting innovative approaches to lifelong career development.
Dr. Deirdre Hughes OBE Chair, National Careers Council, England (2012-2014)
Panjango is a colourful and attractive resource. The interface is deceptively simple, allowing students of all ages to explore career options with independence. The activities and tasks allow for a range of approaches and make the resource relevant to all areas of the curriculum. Thoroughly recommended.
Daniel O’Farrell Head of English, St. Mary’s College

About us

Jon Maiden

Jon Maiden Co-Founder

Jon is formerly the director of an arts education charity and oversaw the organisation’s rapid transformation and growth including the purchase of a live arts and entertainment venue. Also formerly managed a school for blind and multiple disability children in South Africa.

Joseph Leech

Joseph Leech Co-Founder

Joseph is formerly an Education Officer for Sheffield City Council with a background in Careers Education and Guidance. He has many years experience working in a variety of educational contexts, and holds a Postgraduate Qualification in Career Guidance - QCG.

Neil MacDonald

Neil MacDonald Chair

Neil is the former CFO of Firth Rixon and AESSEAL before becoming a Non Executive Director of A4E, Horbury Group and Master Cutler of the Company of Cutlers in Hallamshire. Currently a board member of Sheffield Hallam University, Sheffield Theatres Trust and Sheffield Children’s Hospital amongst a host of other voluntary roles.